Helping you create the services and solutions which can address your customers real "pain points"

Services Blueprinting

Services Blueprinting could help you accelerate the development of new services and solutions for your customers.

Eirtech uses a technique called Services Blueprinting to help our clients develop and design new services or solutions offerings. This is a simple but effective method of capturing a service-based solution from A-Z in terms of the steps to be executed and the recommended chronological order.

What Services Blueprinting also provides is a very effective service design mechanism to identify what the major customer "touch points" are during the execution of the service/solution and this is something that needs to be treated with particular care as these touch points or interfaces are critical in forming the overall customer perception. It also provides an easy method of identifying which aspects of the service or solution delivery could be automated using tools or technology for example.

From hi-tech services to manual, process-based services across different sectors Eirtech has found that the Service Blueprint technique is very effective in following a consistent services strategy across all solutions as well as reducing the time to development.


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