Providing Tools and Methodologies to help you define and execute a Services & Solutions based Growth Strategy


Services Business Modelling helps create a simple, logical structure to represent your business and then allows you to tweak this structure to drive evolution & growth.

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Servitizer  -  Business Transformation Toolkit

Servitization is an industry term which is being used increasingly to describe the process of transforming a product business into a consultative, solutions-led business via the introduction of value-added services. Our Servitizer model tries to capture and simplify the business process evolution steps within this transformational process.

Move the mouse over the Circles below to see some of the various tools, methodologies, processes and growth strategy techniques which make up the Servitizer Toolkit. This has been put together based on > 15 years experience of creating, building, growing and managing services business of different sizes all of whom had to undergo elements of business transformation or strategic growth.

Services Strategy / Planning
  • Services Discovery Questionnaire
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Product/Service Map
  • Customer Map
  • Competitive Positioning Map
  • Strategy Planner
Solutions Development
  • Services Blueprinting
  • Customer Journey Map
  • Value Calculator
  • Services Business Case Template
  • Services Development Gates Process
  • Services Development Tracker
Services Business Operations
  • Services Scope Planner
  • Delivery Resource Planner
  • Services P&L Template
  • Services Profitability Tool
  • Business Forecasting Tool
  • Opportunity Funnel Mgt Process
  • Opportunity Funnel Tool
Customer Management Interface
  • Customer Pain Point Capture
  • Services Account Planner
  • Customer Relationship Map
  • Customer Communications Planner
Business Transformation
  • Business Model Evaluation
  • Business Transformation Planner
  • Business Transformation Tracker

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