Putting your customer at the centre of your business is the key to Services Success in ANY sector

Other Sectors

Our services methodologies & tools have been successfully adapted to work for any type of business or sector.

The fundamentals of creating, managing and growing a services business can apply almost seamlessly across different sectors. Eirtech has been involved in the Servitization, or the creation and growth of multiple hi-tech services businesses, but it is also now successfully adapting it’s approach and it’s Servitizer  toolkit and Services Blueprint to equally apply to other sectors.

Services is about understanding your customer’s pain points and providing solutions which can help facilitate success for your customer’s business.

Other Sectors in which Eirtech has helped clients with different aspects of Services & Solutions evolution include :-

  •      Software
  •      Energy
  •      Environmental
  •      Education / Training
  •      Financial Services
  •      Manufacturing
  •      Security
  •      Retail
  •      Travel

The business may be different, the customers may be different but the services and solutions principles remain the same.

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