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Services Tip of the Month

Simple but key messages based on our services innovation experience with many clients

Customers don't buy Services or Products but they DO buy Solutions to Business Problems so always try to quantify the business impact and benefit of your Solutions and match them to your customer's "Pain Points"

Previous messages:

  • Without a Scope that is agreed and signed off you have no defined customer Deliverables and without clearly defined Deliverables you risk not only disappointing the customer but also incurring additional service delivery costs.
  • Business Transformation - the process of tweaking & modifying your business model and behaviours in a controlled manner to achieve greater results
  • In a Services business EVERYONE is part of the sales team
  • A Services Business Goal without a Plan is just a Wish
  • The best way to highlight the value of your solution to a customer is to quantify the impact it can have on their business KPIs
  • Customers generally don't buy Products or Services ...... they buy Solutions to Business Problems
  • Services is all about being able to deliver specific business outcomes to your customer ... and measure the results !

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